• Which of these 4 types of wood made of tableware is better? Read the article to find out!

    Which of these 4 types of wood made of tableware is better? Read the article to find out!

    1, the advantages of wooden dishes and chopsticks

    Wooden tableware is a natural product, rich in renewable resources wood, it is 100% biodegradable, relatively healthy and environmentally friendly; personalized processing, with natural wooden spork patterns, can be used as handicrafts ornamental; good thermal insulation, not hot, not cold; light weight, strong and durable, no odor, to maintain the consistency of food.

    2, the disadvantages of wooden dishes and chopsticks

    Wooden dishes and chopsticks as well as easy to dry and crack, to avoid washing with water as much as possible in, also not suitable for their own put in the sterilizer.

    When choosing tableware, you can choose by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of various materials; wooden bowls and chopsticks, although they are natural and non-polluting products, no odor, good insulation, but there are also disadvantages such as easy to dry, can not be hand-washed, etc. You can choose according to your needs.

    Maintain the wooden tableware of different materials:

    1. bamboo wood tableware: easy to take the material, no chemical substances toxic effects, but its weakness is easier to contaminate and mold than other tableware, but to keep dry, otherwise easy to mold, especially in the south. In the rainy and humid season, it is especially important to put it in a ventilated place after washing. Painted bamboo and wood tableware is harmful to humans.

    2, oak production wood as tableware: has been the first choice of Chinese furniture to carry out the material, with the surface can be smooth texture and light color and other characteristics, do wine companies often through the use of oak barrels to be able to store, special fragrance and light touch make the project also become a kind of tableware, especially dishes of good material, after many washes of oak tableware to be placed in the shade dry place, to be tableware as well as the use of moisture evaporation, cool and dry before storage.

    3. mahogany tableware: is a traditional Chinese high-grade tableware, smooth lines, clear and beautiful wood grain, must be rinsed several times with distilled water to avoid the impact of the detergent itself acid, alkali and other ingredients on mahogany tableware.

    4. Pine tableware: It has natural anti-corrosion properties, making tableware can prevent food spoilage, and the unique pine fragrance can also bring a unique feeling to food. Do not use a hard rag to clean pine tableware, so as not to damage the smooth surface of pine wood.

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